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Two types of stickers available:
3 inch circle stickers: Black U.V. ink screen printed on white 3.25 mil vinyl with permanent adhesive. These stickers are suited for outdoor use and should last 3-5 years with no fading. These are available in the Witchy Woman, Cactus Head, Two Headed Cat and Triangle Cat designs

Die Cut stickers: printed on vinyl with a satin finish and should last without fading, cracking, or peeling for 5 years.

In the second photo the stickers are as follows (starting from the left row and going right):
-Cactus Head 3 inch circle--$2.00
-Triangle Cat 3 inch circle--$2.00
-Witchy Woman 3 inch circle--$2.00
-Two Headed Cat 3 inch circle--$2.00
-Fox Phone, 3x3"--$3.00
-Plants are Magic, 3x3"--$3.00
-Dead on the Inside, 1x3"--$3.00(see last photo)
-Dead on the Inside 1.5x5"--$3.00(see last photo)
-Blue Whale, 3x1"--$3.00
-Danny Devito, 2x2"--$3.00
-Pez Bunny, 2.5x1"--$3.00
-Skeleton Friends, 3.5x4.25"--$4.00
-Meh Cat, 3.5x2.5"--$4.00
-Cactus Skull Teal, 3.75x4.25--$4.00
-Cactus Skull Black and White, 3.75x4.25--$4.00
-Destroyer of Plants, 2.75x3.25"--$4.00
-Cactus Skull Teal Hologram, 2.75x3"--$4.00
-Crying eye, 4.75x3"--$5.00
-Scream with Me, 6x6"--$6.00

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